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Welcome to HRBenefits Consulting!

We administer a variety of Scholarship and Higher Education Awards Programs on behalf of our valued clients.

Please review your Company's scholarship program guidelines for your application code, application start dates, deadlines and full application instructions before you begin - Applications can only be accessed and submitted during open application cycles!

Student Applicants: If this is your first time using this site to apply, you need to click "Sign Up" and create an account using your email address. Once you sign up, you will need to check your email for an account activation link. (We recommend using a gmail or other non-school email as some school email servers will block the activation link.)

Parents: Please have your dependent child (the student) start the process by creating an account with their own email address. Your child can add you as a co-applicant after they start the application. Please do not try to create an account for your child using your email address.

If you are a student applicant, or the parent/employee sponsor - please be sure to review the full program guidelines and eligibility criteria prior to starting your application. Full program guidelines are available through your sponsor organization, or by emailing us at Please include the student's name, parent/employee name & ID#, name of the sponsoring organization and work location when requesting information by email.

Are you an organization looking for scholarship program development or support?

We work with organizations to develop, review, update and implement a variety of Scholarship and Higher Education Awards Programs. Please contact us at We would be happy to discuss your organization's needs and our services further!